Sunday February 28th DBMs guests from Romania took part in the service of the Romanian community in Herning. Every Sunday evening they have worship in the premises of Herning Free Church at Møllegade 1. The church gathers Romanians from much of central Jutland. There were about 50 persons present + a handful Danes.

The congregation allowed DBMs guests to speak about their work in Romania, they were allowed to sing a few songs and the priest Nico Vulpe was allowed to preach. There was much gratitude and joy at this visit and more wanted to follow DBMs work, get the quarterly magazine and several families took a Romanian set of devotional book to take home. There was a large and cordial communion between the resident and DBMs Romanians.
It was clear to hear in both the tone in Nico’s sermons and conversations in general that evening that this visit affected him.
Nico has for a long time had a burden to get in touch with Romanians in Denmark. Experience has often been that when Romanians come to Denmark, their contact both with family and friends and especially with the Church and the Christian community is lost. Against this background, this visit was an even greater joy. From DBM there is also a great gratitude to the community for the fellowship.