Again in 2016 DBMs staff in Câmpulung runs summer camps for the children in the roma-villages. It is not camps where the children sleep in the compound, but a kind of daily activities over 5 working days of a week in each village. There will be four camps from mid June until end of August.

The 5 days will be under a continued theme: “The history of Gods prince” and be pointing at Jesus as Gods son for real and our savior. It will begin with the birth of Jesus, then focus on his service here on earth, his death and ressurrection, his return to and from Heaven and finally his just judgement over everyone and this earth.

e20160623155705In Valea Macelarului the camp is actually running right now from June 20-24th. There is a lot of children comming – in great numbers – up to 150 children there for each days program. Each day there is up to 3,5 hours of program – with play, biblestories, juice, sportsactivites, collections of drawings and fun with LEGO. The children have a collection of drawings to bring back home to help their memory afterwards.

There will be summer camps in the 4 villages, where DBM has multihouses. To make that possible there will be several helping on top of the 4 members of the staff. Virgils and Gigis children, the pastor Nico Vulpe and the musician Solomon Turculet from Pucioasa will be there.

There will be summer camps in the other roma-villages in these days:
Gamacesti July 18. – 22.
Dragoslavele August 15. – 19.
Cetateni August 22. – 26.