Good books in Romanian.

Danish Balkan Mission were begun in february 1992 and has since published several minor books in Romanian.
The books have been translated from Norwegian and Danish and published to give an extra dimension to ghe work in thr romavillages in Romania.image3

In 1996- 97 and 99 a translation of Oivind Andersens book “In the pastoral care of Jesus” were sent out divided in 3 small books to be handed out for free. It was printet in 3×10.000 copies.
The Romanian title: La picioarele lui Isus. = At Jesus’ feet.


”Heart book” – is a collection of comforting quotes from the Bible gathered in a small heft sized of 6½ x 5 cm.
It can be used for joy, comfort, to set up a conversation on faith in Christ of to be learned from heart. It exists in Romanian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Danish. Hjertebog-omslag-dan_Page_1DBM published it first time in 1997 in 10.000 copies. Since it has be reprinted several times, so now there has been printed 30.000 in Romanian, 30.000 in Hungarian, 10.000 in Ukrainian.
”Heart book” was originally published in Danish by Full Gospel Businessmen vin Denmark. They first handed over the rights to the publish the heft in Romanian, Hungarian and Ukrainian – and in 2013 also gave the concept for the heft in Danish to DBM.

image2From the very beginning, there were published small books – collections of radioprograms held by pastor Jancu Moscovici via Norea Radio/Trans World Radio’s broadcasts to Romania. In this serie 5 books were printed up until 2004, 54.000 at all.
Fărîmituri 1-2-3-4-5.

Besides that, there has been published 8.000 pcs of other minor books translated and edited by pastor Moscovici. Added onto that The Cathecism Minor of Martin Luther were also translated by Pastor Moscovici and published in 10.000 pcs.


During 2012 – 13 the devotional book ”Only one thing is neededimage5 by late former biblecollege headmaster Hans Erik Nissen translated and published in both English and Romanian. To make it easier to hand out – and receive the book, it was divided into 4 volumes with devotional texts for 3 mths. in each.

For the front page Jorn Henrik Olsen allowed his serie of paintings of the burning bush to be used. See more of his paintings here her.

Only one thing is needed 1, 2, 3 og 4 – in 3000/ volume = 12.000 pcs./3000 set.