Danish Balkan Mission primarily works with projects in Romania.

Present projects in Rumania:
Multihouse in Schitu-Golesti (Roma-village Lazaresti),                                                         budget dkr  50.000,-
Foodparcel-project, Parcels for families with children for christmas 2017, (2015/2016) budget dkr.  75.000,-
Ancherbook in Romanian. Minibook with “hope” as theme.                                                  budget dkr.  15.000,-
Crossbook in Romanian. Minibook with “faith” as theme                        .                              budget dkr.  15.000,-
Bookproject: “Forgiveness of sin” of C. O. Rosenius in Romanian                                       budget dkr.   20.000,-
Bookproject: “Trusting in his love” in Romanian (of suffering and need)                             budget dkr.  15.000,-

Aktuelle projekter uden for Rumænien er:
Bookproject: Translation of H. E. Nissens daily meditations
“Only one thing is needed” into farsi (expected support from LHF included in budget),   budget dkr. 120.000,-
Heartbook in Danish, published in coordination with Bibelselskabet, Denmark                 budget dkr.   15.000,-
Bookproject: “Forgiveness of sin” of C. O. Rosenius in Farsi                                                  budget dkr.    20.000,-
Bookproject: “Trusting in his love” in Tagalog (Philippine language)                                    budget dkr.   15.000,-
Bookproject: “Only one thing is needed” in Slovakian                                                              budget dkr. 120.000,-

Mulige kommende projekter i Rumænien:
Multihus i Vârfuri (isolated village east for Pucioasa),                                                              budget dkr.  350.000,-
Re-publication of J. Moscovici’s daily meditations in Romanian (from NOREA RADIO)      budget dkr.   30.000,-
Re-publication of Ø. Andersen bog “In counseling with Jesus” in Romanian                        budget dkr.   45.000,-
(of bookprojects)

At the pages below – as well as at the news page, you can follow our engagement.


Maps DBMs work are centered around the roma villages in the central Arges area in Romania. Here you can see both a map of villages and staff from october 2015 - and below an interactive newsfeed of all the villages, where DBMs has worked over the last 10-15 years. DBMs engagements and staff per ultimo...

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Good books - mainly in Romanian Danish Balkan Mission have for several years seen a value in bringing the gospel to contacts in Romania through books in Romanian. It is easily underestimated how much it means to be able to read the good news of Jesus as saviour in your own words and language. Romanian...

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Order of books

You can order DBMs publications below. You can also order through telephone at +45-74821757. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

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“Only one thing is needed” to the end of the World

The devotional book "Only one thing is needed" going worldwide. The devotional book "Only one thing is needed", written by former headmaster of Lutheran Mission College in Hillerød, Denmark Hans Erik Nissen, was previously published in both Denmark,  Norway, and Sweden and is used in many homes there. Order books here During 2012/2013, the book...

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