The devotional book “Only one thing is needed” going worldwide.

The devotional book “Only one thing is needed”, written by former headmaster of Lutheran Mission College in Hillerød, Denmark Hans Erik Nissen, was previously published in both Denmark,  Norway, and Sweden and is used in many homes there.

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During 2012/2013, the book was translated first into English – then into Romanian. It was made as a free book. This means that one only has to pay postage if it has to be sent. The intention is that it should mean a widespread reading of the book’s message. To make it easier to give and receive the book is divided into four volumes, so there are devotional readings for three months in each book.
For the cover, we were allowed to use Jørn Henrik Olsen’s painted line of paintings about the burning bush. See more of his pictures here.

The Romanian edition of the book is distributed both in Romania and Moldova. In Romania, it is spread in Roma-villages – and in a lot of other places. It is used in high schools or other institutions among all sorts of denominations. even among orthodox pastors. In Moldova, there is informal cooperation with the Norwegian Lutheran Lekmannsmisjon who talk about their work in an article from prior cooperation with DBM here.

Seamen’s Mission

The English edition of the book has been used in several places, but particularly in the Seaman’s Mission in Norway.
Seaman’s Mission in Norway reaches out to the crews of cruise ships. These crews are often off on the ships for long periods when they can not reach home. Seaman’s Mission provides a cafe with an internet these. In the café can also be found literature and held talks over faith and Jesus. Read more from the work in among others the city of Stavanger here.

Udklip10Spain – and South America

The Spanish version is used both in Spain, Peru / Bolivia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Paraguay and even Brazil.
I 2014 it was translated into Spanish by DBM in cooperation with the mission organization Sarepta in Norway. It is still in 4 volumes and with the same cover. Sarepta operates a mission work in Spain for both Spaniards and immigrants in Spain, especially from Peru and Bolivia, but also from Morocco. A Bolivian Christian did take part in the translation to make sure the language became the best possible for native. As the postage to South America is rather expensive, the idea arose to also get the books printed there.

This led to the printing of a large lot in Lima, Peru. These were circulated to both Danish ELM, Norwegian ELM , Norwegian Lekmanns Misjon, Norwegian Lutheran Misjon and a Baptist mission organization Latin Link in Lima and a Danish missionary in the Pentecostal church in Truilljo,

Based on previous personal contacts with the Danish community in Argentina, DBM also tried to get the book printed there. It, however, came to be printing of 2000 sets (of 4 books each) in Uruguay’s capital Montevideo. bymissionUruguay-300x224The books were then delivered to a Lutheran school, where some American Lutheran missionaries serve. They also sent some sets for a group of young Christians in Paraguay.

A free online version in Spanish

Last – but definitely not least, the DBM had a great donation which has enabled the book’s Spanish version is posted for free download on the Spanish version of here. DBM is very grateful for this gift that makes the Spanish version available to potentially 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide.

High in demand

Recently – due to the influx of asylum-seekers to Denmark (and North Europe in general), the book is at present being translated into Farsi. That project is done in coordination with Lutheran Heritage Foundation – see here. If plans are kept, 2 of the books (out of 4 volumes) will be printed in 2017 – and the last 2 in 2018.
Since DBM holds the full international rights to the book, we have received queries from other languages for translation of the book (Albanian, Slovakian, Georgian, Mandarin, Tagalog, Arab).

Basic demands to have that done will continually be, that the book must be translated and proofread by native Christians to ensure the best possible quality of the language. It must be published so that it is given out for free (there may never be charged anything else than postage for the book) and it must be available in all denominations no matter, who has translated it.

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