The Danish Balkan Mission extends the number of mini-books with Bible verses to three.
The little heartbook is accompanied by a green anchor book and a blue crossbook.
The three small books thus symbolize the biblical triangular “Faith Hope-Love”.
The books are published in collaboration with the Bible Society, which has copyright to the Bible translation used. The books are still free – and only costs postage.

miniboegerThe Danish Balkan Mission (DBM) now publishes a whole series of mini-books with Bible verses.
The first card – has DBM printed and distributed in Danish since 2013 in 30,000 copies. It is also available in several other languages: Romanian (30,000), Hungarian (35,000), Ukrainian (10,000) and Farsi (10,000). Lately, they are being produced in Albanian and Slovakian.

The content of the books

As the heartbook is used in children’s work in Romania, how many children have learned all of its Bible words outside, more Bible words needed. Therefore, two more small books have been made.
The anchor book has already been published in Romanian with Bible words of hope – in life, in death and for eternity.
The crossword has Bible words that reflect the apostolic creed.

The small books measure 6×7 cm and are 48 pages with approx. 65 bible verses. They contain good scriptures – and can be used for encouragement and building, to have a conversation about the faith in Jesus or simply to make another person happy. The books can also be left in a bus, be inspired by confirmation letters or the like.
On the first page it is possible to write a greeting.

Cooperation on publishing

Since the books contain Bible verses from the authorized translation of the Bible and at the same time exclusively distributed free of charge, DBM and the Bible Society have collaborated on the publications. The hope is that these little books will reach wide, wake up joy and inspire further reading of the Bible.

The price is free

The books are printed and paid through collected gifts for the project. Therefore, they can be freely ordered for distribution (recipient pays only postage).
However, DBM would like to receive gifts for the project and future uploads v. Transfers to account: 2451 – 7300 200 260 or on MobilePay: 2389 7070 – mrk. mini books.

Order the books on the order page here and read more about the Bible Company at