Six of those involved in DBMs work in Romania will visit Denmark late february. Therefore we wish to give as many as possible the opportunity to experience their song, testimonies and to hear updated information from the work in Romania. That will be done through two arrangements in Denmark at 27th. and 28th. February.

At the same time it is an important task in promoting an evangelical Christian platform for Romanians in Denmark through such a visit. Therefore this invitation to the two arrangements must freely be given to all Romanians possible here in Denmark. Still everyone is welcome both places.

The two arrangements will be in Braendstrup and in Herning.

Saturday 27th. February at 7.30 p.m. at Ramsherred 13, Braendstrup, 6630 Rodding,
Here Ebbe Kaas will preach and there will be both songs, testimonies and information from DBMs work in Romania.
This arrangement will be in Danish/English (singing/speaking in Romanian will be translated into English).

Sunday 28th. February at 5.00 p.m. at Møllegade 1B, 7400 Herning (in Herning Frikirke).
Here the Comunitate Crestina Romana din Herning has their service. DBM takes part in that service as guests and will be involved.
This arrangement is in Romanian – possibly minor parts will be translated into English/Danish.

Everyone is welcome both places.Alle6web