A family in the Roma village Cetateni has become a striking example of how DBM’s work makes it necessary to have the Bible in one hand and a trowel and physical help in the other.

The woman Maria Servitoru, who raised her 12-year-old son alone after her husband left her several years ago, saw how violent rain caused a stream down the mountain that destroyed her little house. Then they came and asked DBM for help.

5000 €

The mayor of the municipality has promised her 30 sacks of cement and some gravel for a start. However, it does not matter much as a 2-room house of 4×5 m. will cost approx. 5000 €, which she cannot raise because she does not have a paid job. In addition to her 12-year-old son, she also has another child from a former marriage living with her.

She asks for help before the winter’s coming and together with Gigi, DBM is seeking to raise the funds. Will and can you help?

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