I connection to Easter, which is a week later in Romania compared to Denmark, DBMs team in Romania has shown a Jesus-movie in three of the Roma-villages. It has gathered a lot of people (the image below has been manipulated so the darkened room can be seen as light).

Preaching through the movie

Since several adult roma only have learned to read to a certain level, it has been very important to use images and material with images to preach the gospel in the Roma-villages. This year it was a Jesus-movie, which was shown. It has gathered a lot of people.

Many gathered

In the Roma-village outside Dragoslavele, about 150 children and adults came to see the movie. In Valea Macelarului between 50 and 60 came – while in Gamacesti about 50 came to see the movie.

It is a great joy that there is material available, which can help spread the Gospel in different ways and media, so we can give the Gospel to different people, so they can hear the truth of the Bible.

Also for those, who cannot read

The movie has been very useful, since it is not only with subtexts in Romanian, but also has been audio dubbed (with a Romanian voice-over with all said in the movie). In this way, those, who cannot read, have the opportunity to hear the Gospel – so in this way, we follow the words of Jesus, that “those who have ears, hear!” (Matt 11,15)