It is with sadness and also great gratitude we received the message that Hans Erik Nissen drew his last breath on this earth Wednesday. 27.1. Hans Erik Nissen was former pastor, high school superintendent of LMH, preacher and author of several books – among others. devotional book “Only one thing is needed”.

Hans Erik Nissen

Hans Erik Nissen

Hans Erik Nissen has had a major impact on DBMS work. It has both been through empathy and prayer, and in particular through his support for the translation and printing of his devotional book “Only one thing is needed”. It has been used in DBMs work in Romania and spread to many other countries in Romanian, English and Spanish. Moreover, he has surrendered the rights to future releases to Danish Balkan Mission.

It has been a great pleasure to bring forward the message, God gave Hans Erik and to experience the blessing that came with the beneficiaries.

“There is a hand held out by the Lord’s throne.” (Ex 17,16)
From his young days was it his mind that God had reached out to the people – that he intervened in the human race lives. Again and again, he was for many years allowed to open and simply explain the Bible’s message. Here we met a need to reach the unsaved, a call to find rest in the grace of Christ Jesus and a clear vision of Jesus as the only source and power of a holy life.

To God be the glory for what He gave us through Hans Erik Nissen.

Danish Balkan Mission