With the publication of both anchor books and cross books, the small series of books with Bible verse is now complete in the language of Farsi. They can be received for free distribution.

Danish Balkan Mission (DBM) publishes per. August 1st 2017 the two small books in Farsi.
Farsi, or Persian is the native language for approx. 60 million in Iran, Afghanistan and as a dialect in Tajikistan and several countries in the area. Several New Danes are from that area. Like the heartbook, published in Farsi in 2016, the two new books measure 6 × 7 cm and are 48 pages with approximately 65 bible verses.


Minibøgernes forside


“Faith Hope Love”

The three small books thus symbolize the biblical triangular “Faith Hope – Love”.
The anchor book is with good bible words of hope – in life, in death and for eternity. The crossword has bible words that reflect the apostolic creed. They can be used to encourage, to start a conversation about the faith in Jesus or to make another person happy.

The price is free

The book is printed and paid through collected gifts for the project. Therefore you can freely order the book for distribution (recipient pays only postage). However, DBM would like to receive gifts for the project and future circulation of the heartbook, for example via Danish MobilePay at 2389 7070 – mrk. “Mini Books”.

Published in several languages

DBM has previously published the card in Romanian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Danish. The anchor book has also been in Romanian, and both are in Danish.

DBM’s other releases

The Danish Balkan Mission has – in addition to the aid and missionary work carried out among roma people in central Romania – also published a number of other books distributed according to the same principle. Most well-known is the book of books “One is needed” by Hans Erik Nissen, the late high school leader. It is published in English, Romanian and Spanish, and is also distributed free of charge. The Spanish is distributed both in Spain and in Peru, Bolivia and Uruguay.
There is also a partial translation to Farsi during preparation, as DBM is the storage of two different translations of Luther’s little catechism and Luther’s prayer book for daily prayer on Farsi.